Songs of Love and Separation was written and sung by John Morton,

with Roland Chadwick on guitars.


1. The girl from the flower shop

2. What made me think about that

3. Easy come, easy go

4. Obsession

5. Don’t have a crisis tonight

6. I guess I’m writing songs about you

7. Yesterday I grew another head

8. Be my Valentine

9. Scorpio girl

10. Song for wide open eyes

11. Olive

12. Times we never had

13. Crazy, crazy woman

14. You’re only using me

15. A plane will take me back

16. Morning of night’s shadows

17. It isn’t just another day

18. Night sedation

19. In a strange land

20. Song of a woman killed by kindness

21. I just can’t seem to let you go

22. If tomorrow

23. Gyorgio

24. I’m afraid

25. Lead me away

26. A wish for madness

27. She keeps his words

28. Remind me

29. Journey into summer

30. A rose by any other name